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meteor mosh

18 April
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Pure random chance gave me the Saber n Skull at a young age, my hardknock childhood hardened my body and softened my soul, yet life still teaches me new things.....like computer stuff, after acquiring my first felony at the age of 15, I spiraled down into my comfort zone of an abyss, Where I was content in a haze, until I awoke........as a young child I surrounded myself with books and dove into my drawings, to escape me. As a teenager I tried to get a handle on myself....I thought I succeded when I became a roughneck, seperating myself from society, it only made me that much better at breaking stuff..........and fixn stuff.
I thought I knew the meaning of true love, I know what love is, true love is different, more intense, more primal, yet at the same time, not. Maybe I know what true love is now, who on Earth could judge it? ? ?
All I know for sure is that I am here in this digital world using it as therapy, once again removing myself from society........funny if you think about it, I like people, but not groups.......people try, groups hinder? another wonderfully insane carousel of life.